Monday, July 21, 2014

This past weekend our family headed out to Saskatoon Saskatchewan for a family wedding.

Travelling with the kids just keeps getting easier the older they get.  Our last 45min was a little rough as their energy was confined for too long and they needed to get out and run around.  

After a little visit with some family we headed back to the hotel for some time in the pool and on the waterslides.  
All dressed up and ready for a wedding!

Daddy an Alyssa having a little swing while they wait.

Photo bomb!

Cousin Kurtis seeing his bride coming down the aisle.

Beautiful bride Valerie

First kiss as husband and wife

Emerson and Daddy

Hop Skip and a Jump to the reception.


Emerson trying it out

Connect 4.  Emerson vs. Daddy

Emerson taking a peek at Jenga

Alyssa pulling out a piece and making sure she doesn't knock it over

Travis being oh so careful

Family picture!

Family Picture: Uncle Dax, Michelle, Travis, Uncle Kenny, Auntie Robin, NeeNee, Auntie Coral, Cousin Stacey, Uncle Harvey, Alyssa and Emerson

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Endangered Lemurs

After a cool night Ring Tailed Lemurs often like to have a sunbath, to get them warmed up. Ring Tailed Lemurs are Endangered !!! Ring Tailed Lemurs are Endangered because of people, people are moving in and then the forests are getting cut down and when the forests get cut down the Lemurs have nowhere to go and nothing to eat. People's pet dogs and cats are attacking the baby Lemurs too. Biologists think there are about 100,000 Ring Tailed Lemurs on the island of Madagascar, the other Lemurs that live on Madagascar don't have as much Lemurs as the Ring Tailed Lemur. Tell your friends to save them by learning more about them, donating to organizations that help save endangered lemurs and telling their friends too.  Here are some links to check out.

By     Alyssa.H.