Friday, April 04, 2014

12 Mile Coulee

I was finally able to volunteer in Emerson's class.  We went for a walk in the 12 Mile Coulee with a naturalist from the City of Calgary's bird sanctuary.  It was a beautiful day!  
We learnt about all the things trees need in the Spring to help them grow. Sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. Trees are so helpful and important to people.

Sprinkling water on all the little seeds to grow into trees.

First Nations used the white powder off of aspen trees as a natural sunscreen.  We just used one finger to see because the tree needs its natural protection too.

Seeds from inside the Wolf Willow Berries are used in beading for necklaces and other things by First Nations.

Wolf Willow Berries, also called Silver (I can't remember the second part)

Rose hips

Huddling together like chickadees to stay safe from the hawk circling overhead.

Hawk!  (you can click on the picture to enlarge and zoom in)  Most likely a young broad winged hawk.

Owl skull.  Did you know that Owl's eyes are immobile inside their eye sockets? That is why they have to move their head around so much.  Also their ears are on two different places on their heads, not parallel like ours.  See picture below.

Magpie nest.

These nests are called covered nests, Magpies lay their eggs when it is still very snowy out and this keeps their eggs and babies safe from the elements and predators.

Feeling a Magpie wing.

Chickadee.  When they get really angry they make the sound "Chick- a- dee- dee- dee" when they're happy and trying to attract a mate they make a nice soft whistling sound that sounds like "cheeeeseburger"

Perfect day for a walk in the Coulee.

Discovered what could be a woodpecker's cavern nest, we could hear them but didn't see any.


Checking out a Robin's nest

Waxwing taking off, probably because we were quite noisy.


Porcupine having an afternoon nap in a nearby tree.

Skull of a Porcupine.

A Waxwing and all his friends....