Saturday, January 04, 2014

October 2013- Halloween

We LOVE Halloween around here. This year I made both of the kid's costumes.  My Grandma Eileen made many of the costumes my brothers and I wore over the years. I am pretty proud of how they turned out.  The kids got to wear their costumes at school for the last half of the day.

Alyssa was a princess Mummy.

Of course Emerson was a Jedi.  His costume was really easy to make because I just sewed him a Jedi cloak. Alyssa's was more time consuming because I tacked on all of the strips of material by hand.

Nana, Auntie Melissa and Cassidy came over to do some trick or treating with us too.

Auntie Melissa made Cassidy's Ewok costume.

Its hard to see all of the layers and it looks better in real life but there is linen, tulle and lace.  The barrette on her head was made by Auntie Melissa and has a skeleton hand and face on the red flower.  Earlier in the day she was also wearing spider earrings.

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