Monday, September 09, 2013

Glacier National Park

I love having maps on a trip.  When I was growing up we would get out maps and plan our vacation that would be weeks in length and take us all over the United States.  I remember spreading out the map on the kitchen table and us talking about the different things we would see and then using a highlighter to mark our route.  

Alyssa and Emerson both love maps too, anytime we're in a place with a map they have to have one so they can see what the layout of a zoo or amusement park is so they can get the lay of the land.  They also always come home with us so they can use them for adventures later and to then inspire their own map making.

Stopped by this sign and was lucky enough to have a kind tourist ask if we wanted a pick altogether. Of course! we don't get family photos all that often.

We have arrived on the West side of Glacier park.

Working hard to set up the tent.

Now its time for a break!

The first full day in Glacier we did a some virtual geocaching.  These are caches that have no physical container but bring you to a beautiful place often with a few questions to answer as well.

These red buses run tours along the Road to the Sun road.

The geology in this park is incredible!  Alyssa has a real interest in understanding how rocks and crystals are formed so seeing the huge variety here was really exciting for her.  Click on the above photo its a pretty awesome rock.

I have never been to a place where I've seen so many unique rocks.  The way these areas were formed so long ago is truly awe inspiring.

All of these rocks were found along a 30 foot stretch of beach along the lake. So incredibly cool!

We also found a lot of heart shaped rocks here.  

These were wooden log rocking chairs.

More geocaching after being along the lake we decided to hit up a hiking trail that took us to some falls.

Moss is so soft!

Holding it up with their strong muscles.

More hearts!

Can you see it sparkling in the sun?  This trip has really sparked my kids interest in learning more about geology.

Travis spotted 2 frogs in this little water hole along with a lot of freshly hatched tad poles.

I can always get one nice picture as long as I promise to take silly ones too.

Fire in the evening, perfect way to end a busy day.