Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Stampede 2013

It is an annual tradition to go to the Stampede.  The cousins are close in age, get along really well and have fun together!
Alyssa on one of her favorite rides

Aly & Emer hammin' it up by shrieking every time the car whipped them around.

Nolan and Alyssa

Emerson and Kieran

The Gang

Nolan LOVES Aly to bits and stuck to her like glue.

Kieran- Ok I'll smile. Emer- Oh, Mom! Not another picture

Nice smile boys

Love this pic of Aly and Nolie

Monster Trucks!

This was the least favorite ride of the day. Mostly because the four cousins were in this 'copter with another little boy who was trying to tell them all what to do. Alyssa who is accustomed to being the boss and ring leader was very upset when she got off the ride.

The little black rain cloud followed her onto the bees, but soon she was back to her happier self.

The three oldest kids were thrilled that they could go on a lot of the rides all by themselves this year.

Alyssa finally convinced Emerson to go on this with her.  He gets really nervous about trying new rides and it takes him quite a while and a lot of talking from the rest of us. Once he tries it he has a great time and it becomes his new favorite ride.

Swings! I could not get a decent picture of these two.  They are short and I am short so all I kept getting was the bar across their face.

I got better and captured this one near the end of a ride with Aly and Nolan, so cute!

The huge slide is always a favorite and again even more fun when you can do it all by yourself.


Neenee and Kieran

Uncle Dax and Kieran

We checked out the little buckeroo show and when they called for volunteers to sing Emerson jumped up onto the stage. Alyssa was not keen so she sat with the rest of us.

Emerson had a blast and got to sing a couple of times by himself, they even came into the audience and Travis sang. That's right, Travis sang in front of people. He had the best Moo ever.

Daddy and Aly on the Dragon roller coaster, one of the only rides they needed an adult for.

The face painting is always a highlight.  Here is Emerson after he was transformed into Two Face.

Aly needed some pretty swirls and lots of sparkles. 

Can't go to the Stampede without going on the drop. This is Aly's all time favorite ride and has now become Emerson's too.

These little fish were for the younger kids but I was surprised because they were Fast!

This year we were at the Stampede from 11am till 8pm. We made it an hour later than last year. The kids were disappointed that we didn't stay for the fireworks. We promised them that one year they'll be able to go an entire day and night at the Stampede but we're a couple years off yet.