Saturday, June 29, 2013

Butterfield Acres

I was able to volunteer and go on Emerson's first field trip with his class to Butterfield Acres.

E and his friend Sofie

Scarecrow Emerson

Gobble, Gobble

The turkeys were talking up a storm and every time they gobbled it startled the kids.  I had a great time giggling every time they jumped and broke out into laughter.

Even Peppi the donkey said a loud hello to us.

Little chicks, so cute! The kids tried to pet them but they were much more interested in staying near the warm lamps.

Mama and baby goat

Those baby goats didn't let up, they followed us everywhere.  Nibbling on our coats, pants and bags.  I could hardly get any pictures because as soon as I bent down they ran up to me and tried to either nibble my jacket or rub their head on my legs.

Oh this little goat was a ham! Super cute!

The lambs were so soft and not interested in us at all, it was lunch time.

Mischievous goats! Reminds me of a little boy I know.

This rooster was making sure the goat was having a snack and making sure the goat was well groomed.

Emerson and I milking a goat.

He did a great job!

Piglets!  They were difficult to get pictures of, most of them were sleeping in pile in a shadowy corner.

Time for a tractor ride! Have to sing Old McDonald Had a Farm to get Old Blue started.

The kids thought is was really cool to see where the hens laid their eggs.