Friday, May 03, 2013

Diamond's Foal Opal

The perfect way to start the weekend, meeting a brand new baby horse. Auntie Becca's horse Diamond had her foal last Sunday, Opal is only 5 days old.
First up, sitting and waiting. Giving Opal a chance to watch the kids and not be too spooked.

Alyssa giving some attention to Faith

Faith is happy to see us. Diamond is grumpy with her and everyone is fawning over the foal.

Alyssa and Emerson take turns petting Faith

Auntie puts a little halter on Opal so she can hold her while the kids pet her.  They took turns and walked very slowly up to her.  Opal did great and let both of the kids pet her, I think she's happy to see something that is the same size as her.


All this standing is work, got to have a drink.

Opal started playing with the lead line.

Opal and Diamond

Opal is curious and likes checking everything out.

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