Friday, May 03, 2013

Nana giving Opal a little massage

Emerson went to get the horse's ball to play with.

The ball isn't just fun for horses, Emersons like them too!

There were some bulls in the neighbouring pastures.

I love living in Alberta, the big open blue skies are just amazing.

E:"What is this?" AB:"The bone from a cow". E:"What? Are you kidding me?" AB:"No, it really is". E: "Well, that is interesting"

Its so fun to stand on a bale of hay and then slide off.

Notice anything? Emerson has two different runners on 'cause he likes it that way.

We found several piles of cow bones.  The kids had fun checking them out and talking about what part of the body they were from.

Cow skull

Check out all the teeth!

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