Saturday, May 04, 2013

Being out at the horses isn't just about standing around watching adorable baby foals.  You need to work too.  We helped Auntie and Nana roll a bale of hay over to the pasture that Diamond and Opal were in.  Those suckers are heavy!

When taking a break Emerson had to try out his balancing skills.  Pretty good, feet up on the bale and using only one hand.  

Nana thought it might be a good idea to use the truck to push the bale.  Auntie's helpers jump in the cab to help too. Don't worry they're buckled up.

After a few tries we had to change tactics.  The truck can push the bale but not really get a roll going.  Back to manual labour for the rest of us.

Opal let Alyssa get right up close to her a couple of times.

Opal came up and gave Alyssa a little nuzzle.  Aly is a bit of a horse whisperer already. Hmmm, I seem to recall another young girl who was like that.  Don't get any ideas Auntie and Nana, we are NOT getting a horse.  

Emerson wanted to see Opal up close again too, she let him get about 2 feet away but she got startled and stayed away.  Emerson just emits energy that is big and boisterous, too much for a little baby horse that is only 5 days old.  I promised Emer that as we go out and she gets use to him more that she'll let him pet her again.  When she gets teeth she'll be real happy when he brings her treats. 

Alyssa took this picture

Alyssa's pic of Opal

That Opal was so tired she had to rest again.  Standing and walking around is a lot of work.


The kids helping Auntie and Nana with the bale of hay we rolled all the way over for Diamond and Opal.

There is another Mare and foal beside Diamond and Opal, this is Foxy and her baby Splash.

They named her Splash because the star on her face looks kind of like a dolphin.  The kids and I thought Splash wasn't a very good name for a horse, we're thinking up alternatives to call her.

Faith following Alyssa around because she smells like carrots.

Emerson giving Faith a horsey treat.

One last cuddle with Faith before we have to head home for the day.

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