Friday, April 12, 2013

Park Playtime

We live really close to one of the schools in our neighbourhood that has 3 parks in it's field.  The kids are taking advantage of the good weather.
Alyssa is getting really good at the monkey bars.

We met up with our buddy Matthew who lives close by.

The kids had got out their scooters so they could get to the park faster.

Alyssa is showing off her lost tooth.

Always silly.

This was so cute, Matthew had to put his drink cup right next to Alyssa's every time.

We had to go home for dinner and then afterwards we did another park run, this time with our other friends that live close to us.

Alyssa finally stopped so I could snap a good pic.


Keeping an eye out for where Daddy was....

because of course he had to be an alligator that would try and catch them!

Emerson always has his tongue out of his mouth, he has done this since he was a baby.  Luckily he has only bitten it a few times and nothing too serious.

Travis and I.  These are so rare, I cherish them.

Everyone here is looking a little dazed, very tired after all the running around.  Time to get home and ready for bed.

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