Saturday, April 06, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Green day at school!  
Celebrating the wee bit of Irish in our Family tree by wearing green and putting green in their hair.  Alyssa's is hard to see because she has her shamrock headband on, she also had gold sparkles in her hair. The kids had some cute buttons like Kiss Me I'm Irish. I said no to wearing the button with a pint of beer on it, definitely not for school.

Alyssa's class all made Leprechaun traps to bring in hopes one of them would catch a sneaky Leprechaun.  Emerson wanted to make one too and bring it to show his class.  He got to leave it in class over the long weekend just like Alyssa so he was really happy.  
Travis always teases me about the containers that we keep but they always come in handy.  Both of the kid's traps are made out of empty Cashew jars then decorated with paper and Shamrocks.  They built ladders out of Popsicle sticks Alyssa put honey in the bottom of her trap and Emerson put maple syrup in his.  There was also some fake gold coins glued inside to try and trick the Leprechaun into jumping in.  Sadly no Leprechauns were caught this year.

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