Monday, March 11, 2013

Our first hour in Disneyland was spent meeting characters and taking pictures. As we walked through the park we came to the Pirates of the Carribean.  I really did think that the kids would like it, they LOVE Halloween and they are constantly asking to make our decorations spookier each year.  
What we did not think to warn the kids about was that most rides are indoors, the lighting is dim and the noise/music is LOUD.  Travis and I had to drag the kids on that ride and they wouldn't look at all, they cringed and hid their eyes and it was brutal.  There was a little boy in front of us who was 3 and said to his Mommy "they're not being very brave are they?!" Travis and I had a little laugh but learnt that we had to remind the kids each time we went to a new ride that it would be dark but not scary and loud.  
After that ride we had to make it up so off to Toontown we went.....

Alyssa is so strong...

she pulled it right out!

Trying on some Minnie ears

Then we had another stressful moment when we tried to go into Roger Rabbit.  Alyssa lost it!  Luckily I had some Rescue Remedy, lavender essential oil and Reiki to calm her down.  Once her panic attack was over all was good and the rest of the day was fantastic!

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