Monday, March 11, 2013

December 2012- More Christmas

Christmas Day is spent with the Walters/Knight side of the family
Grandpa Jack and Grandma Karen with the Grandkids
Alyssa, Cassidy, Victoria and Emerson

Cassidy with Auntie Melissa and Uncle Chad

Alyssa and Auntie Becca

Emerson trying on his new pair of chaps

Cassidy and I

Victoria digging in to the gifts

The many faces of Cassidy...

So cute!

Mmmm! these cupcakes are pretty yummy!

I'm done now, time to go.  This made me laugh when Victoria did this because Alyssa was exactly the same way.  When she was around this age she would go to the front door and put on her shoes when she'd had enough visiting.

The cousins- Harry, Emerson, Alyssa and Victoria

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