Thursday, October 11, 2012

Reception part 1

We got to sit at the best table- full of friends.  Uncle Al made colouring books for all of the kids. 

Matthew looking sharp in his suit and giving me his signature serious face

Uncle Al & Auntie Gina

Polly and Simon

Travis and I

The happy couple came out dressed in traditional Chinese outfits

The lion dancers came to entertain us, it was awesome!

Then Al got a chance to try it out

Tyler and Carol did a great job as the MCs.  As requested Al & Gina didn't want people clinking their glasses to get them to kiss, instead people had to balance on a board- a nod to Gina's kick ass boarding skills. The longer they balanced the longer the kiss.  Kevin was giving Tyler a hand while he demonstrated for everyone.

Gina is Korean so in honor of her family they had a traditional Korean ceremony.

Here they sit with Allan's parents and listen to advice on marriage

Gina and Al have a blanket where they have to catch the figgs and dates that Al's parents throw at them. This symbolizes the number and gender of children they will have

Gina & Al with Gina's Father

Allan had to carry his Mother around, showing that he will care for her as she ages.

For fun Al's father wanted to be carried too!

Now its Gina's turn

This was such a beautiful wedding. I loved seeing all of the traditions incorporated into the day. It was so special and a whole lot of fun!

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