Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tea Ceremony

Gina and Allan

Allan & his parents

Gina and her Father

Al with his family 

Gina with her family

Andy, Travis, Allan, Graham, Simon and Tyler

Yay! for family pictures. I love this one of all of us.

The boys and Al the goalie

AuntieGina and Uncle Al with their flower girl Alyssa

Auntie Polly and Uncle Simon with their flower girl too.

I think Alyssa is going to assume that when anyone we know gets engaged she has an automatic spot as their flower girl.  Al & Gina's wedding is # 4 for her.  First was Auntie Joanna and Uncle Kevin in Antigua when she was 3 1/2, then was Uncle Chad & Auntie Melissa in Hawaii just before she turned 5, then this year when she was 6 she was a flower girl twice. May in Kelowna and now August in Toronto.  This little girl has done some major travel for weddings already!

Emerson does not like to get dressed up at all.  As soon as we were done outside he started shedding his clothes.

Gina and Alyssa getting pictures together

Showing her pretty shoe accessory just like all the bridesmaids

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