Thursday, October 11, 2012

Al & Gina's Wedding: Door Games

The boys are all waiting to see what the bridesmaids have in store for them.

First up- shots of syrup

The bridesmaids had beautiful feather and flower clips on their shoes, they got some for Alyssa too so she could match them. She thought that was the best thing ever!

Al giving his first offering of money

Next up, the boys have to maneuver a larger than life Allan goalie.

Alyssa and Emerson were happy to test the guy's team work

Carol got in on the action


Al and Tyler are first up. Allan has a roll of toilet paper between his legs and Ty has to get it on the stick.  

The smaller envelopes are for all the girls- trying to bribe them to let him in to Gina

One last thing... make a card to Gina professing your undying love.

There was a lot of team work going on, Emerson got to do some stamping too.

Some stickers

The finished product

Al calling up to Gina

Showing her the card he made

Reading it to her and telling her how happy he'll make her.  At this point Alyssa pipes up and tells Gina that Uncle Al will give Gina all his money. haha. Gina accepts and says Al is worthy.

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