Friday, June 01, 2012

Chinese Tea Ceremony

Sunday morning was the beginning of the day's celebrations for Simon & Polly's wedding.  First off in the morning was the Tea ceremony.  I have never been to one before but it was a lot of fun.  The kids and I went over to where Polly's family was and Travis was with Simon & the boys.
These pretty little creations are wrapped chocolates.

Alyssa and Emerson all dressed up in their wedding day finest.

Alyssa, Auntie Polly and I before things began.

Auntie Gina and Auntie Polly

Auntie Joanna and Auntie Polly

Super adorable children.  I promised them M&M's and Skittles if they made sure to smile every time someone asked them for a picture.

The boys are arriving.

Aly peeking outside

It is the bridesmaid's job to stop the Groom from entering until he has proven himself worthy of coming in to get Polly.  The bridesmaids let Alyssa in on the action too.  Here they are telling Simon he is not allowed in and first he must sing.  Alyssa chose Twinkle, Twinkle as his song and she kept telling Uncle Simon that she couldn't hear him and he had to sing it louder.

Uncle Al, Uncle Simon and Daddy were all outside and they appealed to Alyssa and Emerson to let them in.  My kids were merciless.

Next Uncle Al and Uncle Simon had to eat some chocolate concoction that had a candied cricket in it.  Al was a super sport.

Simon did as he was told but didn't look to enjoy it much.

After a bite to eat the gang inside figured the boys must be thirsty and proceeded to hand out a half dozen cans of pop that had to be drunk in 2min.  

Not done yet!  Uncle Simon was given a hula skirt and Lei to wear (Simon and Polly are going to Hawaii for their honeymoon)

But just wearing them isn't good enough so he had to show off some dance moves. A couple of twirls.

Has he done enough yet??  No!

To show just how much he loves Polly he had to wear a Canucks jersey. Definitely not his favorite team but for Polly he sucked it up.

Finally he is in.

But then he had to hold up a poster and yell I love Vancouver Canucks.  And it still wasn't over, he had to give the bridesmaids money too, the bridesmaids peeked inside the envelope and decided it was not enough so Simon had to back to the boys to converse and added in some more.  Finally, finally Simon was allowed to pass all the bridesmaids, family and friends and go up to get his bride.

We had so much fun watching this all play out. It was hilarious and we are happy to be invited to share in the day.  Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the actual tea ceremony where Simon and Polly give tea to their parents and relatives.  My camera battery had died :(

I took the kids back to the hotel to get undressed, have a little snack and a nap so that they would be refreshed and ready to go for the wedding ceremony and reception.

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