Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our house is SOLD!  We put it on the market when we were out of town in Kelowna for the wedding.  We got a call the day of the wedding letting us know that there was an offer coming our way. By the time we got home on Monday evening we had paperwork to sign accepting the offer on our house.

We are very sad to be leaving our first home together but we are so excited to have found a great house for our family in Tuscany.  July will be spent packing up the rest of the house and we will be in the new place by August 1st. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Daddy Daughter dance

Austin decided that dancing would be WAY better than going to bed

Alyssa had so much fun dressing up with the props 

Joanna and Graham giving Al some "special" attention

The Crooks and the d'Abadies tearing' up the dance floor

Rocker girl!

Dancing with Uncle Al

This boy rocked out all night. He hardly put that guitar down.


Flip Book- get dressed up, record your movements for a few seconds and have a flip book made. So much fun!

The boys are ready to strut their stuff

Kevin and Travis

The kids even got to try a couple of times

Tyler and Gina groovin'

I'm really not kidding when I said he didn't put it down

Can even rock it behind his head... where did he learn that??

No party is complete without a break to hone your fighting skills

Flip book with Simon & Polly

There is more to come from the reception, check back soon!


The candy table. Full of yummy goodies that even us gluten free Heads can have

The seating chart

Writing special messages to the bride and groom

from Emerson

From Alyssa

Matthew d'Abadie

Austin Crooks

Our table

Lavender wands.  Polly made all of these by hand. They smell amazing!

The reception was also held at the Summerhill winery

Cheers! Uncle Graham showing the kids how to do it up right

Mmm! Sparkling Apple juice

Oh look, i'm in front of the camera.  I'm glad I've got at least one pic of Trav and I all dressed up, it doesn't happen often.

Emerson couldn't stop running

More smiles

Polly changed into a beautiful purple gown for the reception

Aly and Uncle Graham

Gorgeous Polly and the kids

Auntie Joanna enjoying her lavender 

Auntie Carol and Austin

More pics of Trav- seriously my hubby is a hottie

Uncle Al

Polly's bridesmaids were amazing! they were always checking her dress and her makeup. They were so sweet.

Thanking everyone for coming and making us cry during the heartfelt speeches

CHEERS! To Simon & Polly