Saturday, May 19, 2012

Preschool Penguin Program

The penguins came to check out all the kids dressed up as penguins.

This penguin was calling all the time

After the penguins we hung out and went to visit the other animals.  This meerkat was very interesting to watch, he seemed very serious like he was contemplating important meerkat things.

The hippos were out having some lunch before going in the water for a swim.

We saw the baby river hogs when they were only a couple of days old, they sure have grown fast in a few weeks.

The gorillas were all busy playing and we got to see them all up close. 

Flamingos are outside finally.

Oh how we LOVE the butterflies!  Watching them is one of oucr favorite things to do at the zoo.  Its fun to watch them emerge from their Chrysalis.

A reminder of Hawaii, I want to go back!

Lovely orchids

The vulture was stretching his wings.  He is so huge!  

Preschool Penguin program at the zoo. They talked about the different kinds of penguins at our zoo.

Read stories about penguins.

Got to help put the pieces together on the board to make a penguin

And sang a penguin version of head, shoulders knees and toes- head, wings, feathers, flippers. Or something like that... I forget now.

Then the cutest part of all they got to each dress up as a penguin.  Alyssa and Emerson were both Rock hopper penguins.

Penguins are very noisy so Aly had to practice her penguin honking.

My cute little penguins.

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