Thursday, May 31, 2012

For her birthday Alyssa wanted a family day with the 4 of us at Calaway Park.
The bumper cars are a huge hit.  Emerson got the hand of driving very quickly.

Aly took a bit longer but soon she figured it out and was off.

Nothing like being able to run into your brother.

I was trying to get a nice Daddy & Daughter picture but then at the last minute Aly gave me this face... lovely.

Talking Daddy's ear off as usual.

Emerson loves rides and was watching for what he wanted to go on next.

Our crazy kids driving with 2 steering wheels at once.

E coming in for an attack

Click on this pic to get it larger. Aly's a WOOO! girl here.

I love the spinning rides, Travis almost got sick just from watching us.

Alyssa's favorite ride of her whole life!  She first rode something similar at the Stampede 2 years ago so when they added it to Calaway she was over the moon.

Aly never screams, she's doing her imitation of a women that was on the ride before her. Every time this ride dropped the woman freaked out!

Having so much fun.

Rollercoaster rides when you're in the front are the best!

Cheeky, cheeky monkey.  

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