Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Road Trip- Kelowna!

So here we go on another road trip.  Notice anything different?  We don't have the van anymore.  We bought my Father-In-Law's Honda Ridgeline.  It rides up nice and high the seats are super comfy and the kids have more leg room in here than the van, which means Travis and I don't get kicked in the back.
We were travelling to Kelowna for our friend's wedding. Simon and Polly are absolutely adorable and Travis, Alyssa and Emerson were all in the wedding party.  Since we had most of our friends going too we made sure to head out a few days ahead of time so we could all spend a lot of time together.
Our road trip did not get under way until late Wednesday afternoon (we were getting the house ready to list for sale)

First stop Field, BC to stretch our legs and run off some energy

Throwing some rocks in the little pond

Climbing and running at the park

Then we were off again.  Had a dinner stop in Revelstoke and then the kids fell asleep.  Alyssa woke up just as we were coming into Kelowna. Emerson surprisingly slept through me carrying him into the hotel, getting him to use the washroom, put he pjs on and then tucking him into bed.   Aly fell asleep quite quickly once she was in her pjs.  
The kids are at an awesome age for travelling long distances.  Our little vacation was off to a great start.

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