Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friday in Kelowna- Rehersal

Alyssa and Emerson were very attentive when listening to what they needed to do.

And they look so darn cute!

Uncle Al, Uncle Simon, Daddy and Emerson

Auntie Gina and Uncle Al

Travis is all smiles- you don't catch him in a photograph like this very often.  His excuse is that he's at a winery ;)

Polly and her Mother

Polly and her parents

Simon and Polly with her parents

Lunch at the Bistro in the Summerhill Winery- so delicious!

The pyramid at the Summerhill Winery where they store and age the wine after its made.

Later in the afternoon we went to another park and Travis slid down with the kids.

I didn't want to be left out so we all went down together.

Thursday in Kelowna

Thursday morning we were up bright and early as usual.  Travis and I took the kids to City Park down by the lakeshore to scooter.

Daddy had a turn on Alyssa's

Later that morning we went to visit Travis' Auntie Diane, Uncle Randy and his cousin Tonya with her two kids Von and brand new baby Elan.  She was so sweet I held her almost the entire time and didn't think to take any pictures of the cousins together.  I was too busy soaking in all that precious new born babyness.

After lunch made our way up to the Summerhill winery to meet up with Simon, Polly, Alan and Gina to do some wine tasting.  The kids had a few things to play on and with while we waited.

Where the ceremony will take place. Beautiful!

We got a number of whites and reds to try.  Both Simon and Polly are not big drinkers so they asked for our imput as well.

Alyssa and Emerson did really well and once they got antsy Auntie Gina lent Emerson her ipad and Aly grabbed my phone to play some games.  Emerson is obsessed with Angry birds- he tried it a week ago on Travis' phone. He calls it Mad birdies. haha.

Auntie Gina & Uncle Al

Emerson is done.

The space for the reception

After wine tasting Polly & Simon wanted to take us all up to see some goats.  This place was really cool.  They make all their own cheeses and gelato from goats milk.  We got testers of a few and they were delicious!

1, 2, 3, 4 I declare a thumb war!

Another Road Trip- Kelowna!

So here we go on another road trip.  Notice anything different?  We don't have the van anymore.  We bought my Father-In-Law's Honda Ridgeline.  It rides up nice and high the seats are super comfy and the kids have more leg room in here than the van, which means Travis and I don't get kicked in the back.
We were travelling to Kelowna for our friend's wedding. Simon and Polly are absolutely adorable and Travis, Alyssa and Emerson were all in the wedding party.  Since we had most of our friends going too we made sure to head out a few days ahead of time so we could all spend a lot of time together.
Our road trip did not get under way until late Wednesday afternoon (we were getting the house ready to list for sale)

First stop Field, BC to stretch our legs and run off some energy

Throwing some rocks in the little pond

Climbing and running at the park

Then we were off again.  Had a dinner stop in Revelstoke and then the kids fell asleep.  Alyssa woke up just as we were coming into Kelowna. Emerson surprisingly slept through me carrying him into the hotel, getting him to use the washroom, put he pjs on and then tucking him into bed.   Aly fell asleep quite quickly once she was in her pjs.  
The kids are at an awesome age for travelling long distances.  Our little vacation was off to a great start.

For her birthday Alyssa wanted a family day with the 4 of us at Calaway Park.
The bumper cars are a huge hit.  Emerson got the hand of driving very quickly.

Aly took a bit longer but soon she figured it out and was off.

Nothing like being able to run into your brother.

I was trying to get a nice Daddy & Daughter picture but then at the last minute Aly gave me this face... lovely.

Talking Daddy's ear off as usual.

Emerson loves rides and was watching for what he wanted to go on next.

Our crazy kids driving with 2 steering wheels at once.

E coming in for an attack

Click on this pic to get it larger. Aly's a WOOO! girl here.

I love the spinning rides, Travis almost got sick just from watching us.

Alyssa's favorite ride of her whole life!  She first rode something similar at the Stampede 2 years ago so when they added it to Calaway she was over the moon.

Aly never screams, she's doing her imitation of a women that was on the ride before her. Every time this ride dropped the woman freaked out!

Having so much fun.

Rollercoaster rides when you're in the front are the best!

Cheeky, cheeky monkey.