Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It began as a chilly day so we headed into the African Savannah.
Meerkats are always so cute to watch.

One of the hippos went for a swim and the kids were so excited because they do not remember having seen it before.

Having a snack and being silly.

Walrus impression.

Baby river hogs. 1 day old.  They move pretty quick for being so young but they shake so much while they are standing.  There were quite a few camera crews and photographers that I could not get very good pictures.  Next time I will be bringing the zoom lens to get a close up.

Claire is all smiles when I bring out the camera she is a total little ham.  I just want to eat her up.

Miss Addy was tired and not at all impressed with my silly faces and attempts to get her to smile for me but that does not take away from her ridiculous cuteness.

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