Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Before we left for the day we stopped in at the penguins again and it was feeding time.  The penguins were swimming really fast to catch the fish being thrown in the water.  We were chatting with the interpreters there and they were telling us how the penguins like to jump out of the enclosure and explore, they usually find a few of them out in the morning.  

The kids and I said bye to our friends and headed off to see the elephants.  The weather was much nicer and we watched the elephants out having a walk around.

I had to take a pic of the carvings by the Canadian Wilds.  They are amazing!

We walked over to the butterfly garden to sit and have a snack. No butterflies at this time of year but the flowers are beautiful and the little girls enjoyed getting out of their strollers.
Lanchi and Adelyn

Stephanie and Claire


I saw Emerson doing this, he looks like he has some serious thoughts going through his head.

The orchids are so beautiful!
It began as a chilly day so we headed into the African Savannah.
Meerkats are always so cute to watch.

One of the hippos went for a swim and the kids were so excited because they do not remember having seen it before.

Having a snack and being silly.

Walrus impression.

Baby river hogs. 1 day old.  They move pretty quick for being so young but they shake so much while they are standing.  There were quite a few camera crews and photographers that I could not get very good pictures.  Next time I will be bringing the zoom lens to get a close up.

Claire is all smiles when I bring out the camera she is a total little ham.  I just want to eat her up.

Miss Addy was tired and not at all impressed with my silly faces and attempts to get her to smile for me but that does not take away from her ridiculous cuteness.
Yesterday we went to the zoo with our friends Stephanie and her daughter Claire and Lanchi and her daughter Adelyn.  

The Penguin Plunge at the Calgary Zoo is awesome.  You are so close you can could touch them.  This cheeky penguin with the purple armband likes to purposely splash people.  

It feels like there are penguins everywhere! There are two sides and then the penguins can swim back and forth between the sides.

The kids are watching the penguins swim through the tunnel to the other side.

Claire was very happy to watch the penguins.

Alyssa and Emerson thought the automatic revolving doors were hilarious.  They walked around 3 or 4 times and laughed the whole time.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Travis and I gave the kids our ipod shuffles and filled them with all kinds of music and Robert Munsch stories.  They have a blast listening to them and dancing around the house.  Its especially great on car trips.

Emerson's favorite thing to do with Daddy right now is shaving. Emerson gets his very own razor (with the shield on)  this is an old picture back from January when the boys were getting ready for Emerson's birthday party.