Thursday, January 12, 2012

Travis and I have spent 17yrs together and never had a Christmas together just us. This year it happened. Family decided to push back our Christmas dinner to boxing day and our little family of 4 had Christmas day to ourselves. It was wonderful, relaxed, and cozy.  We enjoyed it so much that we are going to make sure we do it again next year.
 Our tree
 Opening Stockings
 The gifts that Alyssa made us this year. A picture frame, Christmas ornament and little bird house
 The box Aly made at school to wrap our gifts in.

 Star Wars has taken over our home. Emerson and Daddy trying out the lightsabers.
This picture turned out really cool. We turned off the lights and I made sure my camera flash was off.
Christmas Eve with the Heads
 Have to get a hockey game in before dinner

 Neenee and Nolan

 Kieran, Emerson, Alyssa and Nolan
Crazy cousins! 

 Present time
 My beautiful Sis in Law Kyla and my ridiculously cute nephew Nolan
Aly had to show off her head stand
Grandma Karen and Victoria 

 Alyssa and Victoria
 Uncle Chad and Emerson
 Present time
 Darth Vader and Santa

This year we made a bunch of super yummy sugar cookies over Christmas.  The kids chose which cookies cutters they wanted to use and the favorite was the gingerbread boy/girl.  For Christmas we got some Star Wars and ninja cookie cutters, we're super excited to try them out.

Alyssa pretending to be a kitty