Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 10th 2011
Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse
5:45- 7:20am 
Nosehill Park Calgary, AB

 Once the sun began to rise and the moon was on its way down it got close to the street lights so you can see the light coming in on either side in this picture.

 Later that day I went to my friend Deb's house where she taught a group of us to make our own drums.  I have wanted my own drum for many years but always knew that I wanted to make it.  This was a wonderful and magickal day.
 My drum is 15" and the hide is from elk. It is absolutely beautiful! We punched the holes along the outside of the hide and then wove the lacing in and brought it all up around.

My drum after I had it all laced and bound together. I have a nice thick binding on the back that will be a good hand grip.

 My tomtom
All done, just waiting to dry.  It has been drying since Saturday and I think that tomorrow I will begin to work with it. So excited!

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