Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Better late then never. Here are the pictures from Halloween.

Alyssa wanted to be a witch again. And since she grows slowly she used last years costume.  Emerson was the knight. We got this a while ago for the dress up box and it is just so cute! I mean, tough and manly ;)

Aly casting a spell on the ghosts.

Witchy cackle.

Emerson practicing his moves to slay the dragon.

My insanely adorable niece Victoria who was born in June.  Auntie Melissa made her this costume.

Here's Victoria with Nana in the outfit we bought her. Its a little tule skirt with the tights and her onesie says I'm a good witch with a picture of a kitty witch on it.

It was a great halloween, Alyssa's best friend Teagan and her Mom came trick or treating with us. The kids got a ridiculous amount of candy and we just did one side around the block and their bags were overflowing.

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