Wednesday, December 14, 2011

 A few weeks ago we started to get a lot of snow. One day there was so much that I insisted that the kids put on their full snow gear. They did nothing but complain, "No, not the snow gear, please no. Why does it have to snow. I don't like snow."  Then they got outside and started making snow angels, rolling around and playing and it became "No, please, No, we don't want to go to school please let us stay home to play. We LOVE snow!"

Alyssa and Emerson make such adorable little snow angels.

Alyssa, Emerson and cousin Harry packing up a couple of shoe boxes. The kids were really excited to pick out what would go inside but none could really understand how there are kids who don't get Christmas presents.  We always pick 1 boy and 1 girl and pack it full of crafty stuff and a couple of toys.  Next year Alyssa will be old enough to write a letter all by herself to include in our boxes.
 Alyssa's Spark group had a Mexican fiesta night and they made ponchos out of paper bags.
 And because she is so cute I had to take some up close.
I love this face! Alyssa is so much fun, she's expressive and full of spice.
 Writing and decorating their letters to Santa.

 They love to be crazy, especially when they know they're driving me CRAZY!
Finally a nice picture.

Alyssa got her hair cut a week ago and she was so happy to hear me tell her that she looks older.

Just this past weekend we set up our Christmas tree.  Usually we do it on the first weekend in December but this year since Travis has Dec.9th- Jan. 9th off we wanted to wait he was on holidays.

 I had a real wood burning fire place growing up and I miss it.  I would love to at least get an electric one for the house but not its not going to happen this year. Its nice to watch the Shaw holiday fireplace channel because at least with the sound you can pretend :)
 Because you just can't stand nicely next to the tree for a picture.

 Oh we need to do yoga in front of the tree.
Volcano pose- beginning. 
Volcano pose- explosion.
December 10th 2011
Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse
5:45- 7:20am 
Nosehill Park Calgary, AB

 Once the sun began to rise and the moon was on its way down it got close to the street lights so you can see the light coming in on either side in this picture.

 Later that day I went to my friend Deb's house where she taught a group of us to make our own drums.  I have wanted my own drum for many years but always knew that I wanted to make it.  This was a wonderful and magickal day.
 My drum is 15" and the hide is from elk. It is absolutely beautiful! We punched the holes along the outside of the hide and then wove the lacing in and brought it all up around.

My drum after I had it all laced and bound together. I have a nice thick binding on the back that will be a good hand grip.

 My tomtom
All done, just waiting to dry.  It has been drying since Saturday and I think that tomorrow I will begin to work with it. So excited!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Better late then never. Here are the pictures from Halloween.

Alyssa wanted to be a witch again. And since she grows slowly she used last years costume.  Emerson was the knight. We got this a while ago for the dress up box and it is just so cute! I mean, tough and manly ;)

Aly casting a spell on the ghosts.

Witchy cackle.

Emerson practicing his moves to slay the dragon.

My insanely adorable niece Victoria who was born in June.  Auntie Melissa made her this costume.

Here's Victoria with Nana in the outfit we bought her. Its a little tule skirt with the tights and her onesie says I'm a good witch with a picture of a kitty witch on it.

It was a great halloween, Alyssa's best friend Teagan and her Mom came trick or treating with us. The kids got a ridiculous amount of candy and we just did one side around the block and their bags were overflowing.