Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A few weeks ago I was feeling like the city was just too much and I needed to get out. The kids and I headed to one of my favorite places, Johnson Lake.  Every time I visit I feel calm and peace surrounding me.  Alyssa loves that I can show her the exact spot where Daddy and I got married.
This day we went for a hike around the lake. Its an easy 3km.  On the trail we passed a group from a tour bus, a few of them stopped to comment on the kids going around the whole lake and how they were such troopers. Aly looked at me and rolled her eyes, I had to try really hard not to laugh at her. I'm glad the kids are big enough they can do these little hikes on their own and Travis and I don't have to pack them anymore.

Many a stop was made to throw things into the lake. We had fun discovering what things would sink and float.

This little brown squirrel was making quite a racket as we passed by and he ran up the branches right in front of us. Emerson and Alyssa were thrilled that he just sat there at eye level so we could watch him for a few minutes.

I showed the kids how to race leaves and sticks like my brothers and I use to do when we were younger.  For those of you who have never have you find a leaf or stick then drop it on one side of the bridge and watch to see who's comes out on the other side first.  This stream was slow enough that if gave the kids time to move from one side to the other.

Alyssa has always got to get at least one posed picture in.

On the far side of the lake, half way we stopped for more rock throwing.

Gorgeous fall leaves all around us.

The walking stick/staff we found floating in the lake. 

It has a real neat collection of bug trails in it.

Alyssa leaving some messages for the faeries.  Later on her and Emerson decided to write LOVE in the dirt along the trail so the animals, birds and trees would now they loved them too.  How sweet are my kids?!

Showing Emerson how far he has to climb up. He didn't make it but they found something else that made up for it. See pic below.

Taking a rest on a patch of soft squishy moss. The kids had fun seeing all the different kinds of moss and lichen there are. Alyssa was annoyed that I did not know all their names. I think we'll borrow a book from the library the next time before we go out for a hike so we can identify them.

The area where Travis and I got married.  Every time I come out here I bring a little gift to leave in the area. Today it was two clear quartz points with some sage, sweetgrass and cedar that I put in the stream by some rocks.   

On the far side of the lake this little squirrel came to see us. It would run out look at us and run back and did that four or five times it was so cute and the kids kept giggling at him.  Luckily one of my pics turned out.

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