Thursday, September 29, 2011

There are days when the kids love having their pictures taken and they can really ham it up. Here are a couple of the last few weeks when they were especially hamming it up.
Alyssa's pose for pictures

Emerson will wear anything on his head like a hat. Today it was his pajama bottoms, usually he prefers his underwear.

Both of the kids really want to learn how to whistle loudly.

Practicing her eyeball roll, just like her Mama.
Family Craft Night!
We pre heated the oven to 200. Using up the broken crayons first we took off all the paper and mixed and matched colours and colour families.

We used the silicone ice cube trays from IKEA. These are Aly's combinations.

Emerson used the whale/fish mould. 

We had them in the oven for 10min and they still needed more time, so I put the temp up to 210 and did another 5 min. They came out nicely melted. I put them outside to cool quicker.

The next morning the kids got to wake up and try out their new crayons.

Alyssa's brown and copper combo, she loved how it turned out. 
This week begins Aly's sharing time in class, once a week and it is like an oral presentaion not just a show n' tell.  Aly practiced what she how she was going to tell the kids in her class about how we made recycled crayons.  She reports that her teacher gave her a big thumbs up after her turn :)

Emerson really liked his but we discovered that many of the whale tails broke off when we popped them out.  Next time we will use a more solid shape.  Also, not all crayons are created equal. The cheaper kind- anything not crayola has different wax that will leave a clear layer so the kids don't get any colour. Had to shave off a few of the crayons that were below our standards.
My Niece Victoria Lucy Spragg (my Brother Nick and Sis in Law Kim's little girl) was born June 28th
Alyssa LOVES her!

Emerson says she is very cute! and can't remember her name but calls her strawberry because of her shirt

He did well holding her

The cousins together- Emerson, Alyssa, Victoria and Harry

Victoria loved Aly too. She smiled and cooed and it was adorable! Finally Alyssa has another girl around. 
Visiting with friends last weekend, the little boys are getting so huge!
Austin snagged himself a can of beer

Austin Crooks 10 months old

Alyssa and Emerson took turns pushing Matthew around on the little car.

Matthew d'Abadie 1yr.