Saturday, July 02, 2011

Maui Day 2 Morning Beach Time

Because of the time change of 7hrs or so Alyssa and Emerson were awake at 3am!  We spent some time playing in our hotel room, watching some cartoons and having breakfast. Around 6am we couldn't put it off any longer we needed to get to the beach!  Kannapali beach is magnificent, really truly the most soft beautiful beach we have ever been on. The undertow can be pretty strong and there is a quick drop off not too far out but the kids were aware and listened really well.

Cute little footprints in the sand.

We met up with Harry and Uncle Peter who were out for a walk. The kids had fun playing in and running away from the waves together.

One of my favorite pictures from Maui. (that's saying something considering there around 1600)
My heart just melts when I see this face and it expresses exactly what we felt like in Maui.

Emerson loved playing in the sand, running, digging and rolling down the sand banks. He is a little tentative of the water still but still had fun in it. I think he prefers the pool because it was easier for him to move around in.

Click on this pic to bring it up larger. He is covered in sand and couldn't be happier :)

Grandpa Jack, Travis and Uncle Peter

Trying a hand at building sandcastles but the tide was coming in and took it out pretty quickly. Travis spent so much of his childhood on beaches in the sand and he loves being able to share that with the kids.

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