Friday, July 01, 2011

April 28th Maui Day 1

Our trip to Maui began when we left Calgary on Thursday April 28th at 7am, it was snowing. On our flight with us was Nana April, Grandpa Jack, Auntie Becca, Uncle Peter and Harry.

The kids did really well on the very long 7hr plane ride.  They played with new toys, coloured and listened to music on the ipod shuffle. Aly and Emer especially love listening to the Robert Munsch stories we had on there.

Complimentary Mai Tai before we touched down. I think all of the adults were very much appreciative of some alcohol after the flight.

I loved watching the clouds. They are so beautiful.

Our first glimpse of Maui.

Our plane.

Alyssa and Emerson had to run and jump as much as possible after being cooped up in the plane for so long. They did laps while Travis picked up our rental car.

The road to Kannipali

Out for the count. Between the plane ride, time change, and heat they were both done.

The view from our room.

I missed their first time on the beach in Maui because I had a migrane, I was having a nap in the cool dark hotel room. I caught up to Travis and the kids when they were trying out the pool. It was perfect, it had a nice shallow area for the kids that was blocked off from the rest of the space.

Our first Maui sunset. Heavenly.

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