Sunday, January 02, 2011

Christmas morning Aly woke up at 5am, thankfully she let us convince her to cuddle up in our bed until Emerson woke up just after 7.

Our little family had a nice, fairly quiet morning opening gifts, playing with new toys and puzzles and having Waffles for breakfast.

Emerson turned to us and said "Look! I'm a red eyed tree frog!" Later he put those on his fingers again and said to me "Did you know Mommy that that tree frogs hands are sticky?!" haha. Too cute!

Uncle Peter hosted Christmas dinner this year. It was nice to have the space for the kids to run around and play.  Of course the big boys- Uncle Peter, Uncle Nick and Daddy had fun playing too.

Uncle Nick.

Emerson and Uncle Chad building up a baricade to they could smash it down.

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