Tuesday, January 25, 2011

These pictures I took along the drive from Lake Louise to Banff.  They're all taken from inside the van.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the mountains?!  If there was a way for us to live out here I would make the move in a heartbeat.  I feel relaxed and energized at the same time. Our mountains are so magical, I hope to be spending much more time out here this year.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday Travis and I took the kids out to Lake Louise to see the ice sculptures that they do. We have been wanting to go for years but the weather has always been way too cold to bring young kids out.

I love the drive out into the mountains.

The kids were really patient while we waited 1 1/2hrs in line to take the shuttle up to the Lake since it was so busy they were not allowing anyone to drive up and park in the main lot.  While waiting we checked out the little critter area where they had balloon animals, face painting and crafts. The kids and I only had time to get balloon animals before Travis came running in to tell us it was time to get on the bus.

Alyssa's pony she named Crystal.

Emerson's Dinosaur he named T-Rex

The ice sculptures were amazing! Sadly we got there too late, to see the demonstrations and do the people's choice voting. We all had a good time walking around to see all the different ones.

Its hard to see but its Harry Potter on the left and Fluffy, the 3 headed dog from The Socerer's Stone book.

The detail on these sculptures was just incredible!

I thought this fairy was beautiful... and then I went around to see the front of her... she looks like she belongs in a Lord of the Rings Adult movie, if you know what I mean. 

Sorry for the closeup of the most un realistic headlights I've ever seen but I had to get a picture of that ball of ice with the rose carved inside. Seriously awesome!

This one was my very favorite. The Goddess of Nature it was called.

The lake with the frozen castle.  We were going to go skating but once we saw the line up just to take the shuttle I did not want to have to carry all of our gear around too. The kids would have lasted 5 min on the ice and we probably wouldn't have been able to walk to see all the sculptures.

Trav and Emerson on the way back down the mountain.  Aly didn't want to get her picture taken, she was tired and completely uncooperative.  After we got all bundled into the van we headed to Banff for dinner at Magpie and Stump. Yummy gluten free Mexican food, good way to end the day.
Emerson loves monster trucks! He plays with them everyday for hours at a time. Travis took some cardboard boxes and made Emers a few ramps and jumps for his trucks.

Aly likes to be the mechanic and fix the trucks when they've broken something.

When they're done Alyssa lines them up for Emerson so he can drive them again. Travis and I really enjoying watching the kids play and make up games together.