Friday, November 05, 2010

An afternoon at Edworthy Park
After school we headed down to meet up with Joanna, Matthew and Karen.  We stopped off at Avatara pizza and got some gluten free pizza to have a picnic at the park.

The kids just wanted a cheese pizza but I got the Picasso. Chicken, sundried tomatoes, red and green peppers, pine nuts, feta cheese, artichokes- Mmmm!

It was a beautiful day but definately didn't feel like the 17- 20 the forecasters were saying.

Matthew d'Abadie.
If your parents find you missing its because I stole you to cuddle with, or maybe eat you. Because you are just that cute!

Thinking about smiling.

Alyssa was tickling him with a long piece of grass.

There is no trace of baby left in that adorable face.

Click on this photo to enlarge it, Aly's face is awesome!

Finally some great fall leaf pictures.

Alyssa was throwing up leaves and spinning :)

This is one of the reasons fall is my favorite season.

Making a nest of leaves for Emerson to sleep on.
Cutest d'Abadie ever!

In case you're wondering why there aren't many pictures of Alyssa its because she didn't want pictures taken today. The only ones she said it was ok to get of her was in the leaves. The one I did catch of her when she was running by she demanded I delete and wanted to see me do it. I luckily distracted her and she forgot about it.  Good grief, I am in SO much trouble, between her and Emerson I may have to get heavily medicated when they enter the teen years.

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