Sunday, November 28, 2010

New housecoats and slippers just in time for the chilly weather that hit us. We're not big fans of socks in our house but the cold temps have made it just a wee bit too cold for bare feet all the time.

Alyssa's baby. haha. Travis wrapped up Emerson so that Aly could have a baby to hold. She's told me that she would like a baby sister- most often on a day when her and Emerson aren't getting along. They have a lot of fun together most of the time playing pretending to be babys, animals etc.

Winter has arrived in full force. To make up for the lack of snow in October and the beginning of November Mother Nature has dumped a whole pile on us!  Both the kids were really excited to see the snow and begged to go out and play. I told Emerson he had to wait until it got light out and he said it is light out, I explained that the backyard's motion sensor light did not count as light since I meant daylight.  He still disagreed with me but knew that he wasn't going to get his way for a couple of hours.
It takes all most as long to get Aly and Emers into all their gear as it does for them to play, get cold and want to come in.  Alyssa showed Emers to make snow angels and hide Achilles' toys in the snow for her to sniff out.

Alyssa and Emerson have started skating! We've been out 5 times so far and they are doing so well! Aly can skate on her own a tiny bit and Emers has good balance but gets too excited and wants to go fast. haha.
Travis and I take them to the Oval or Cardel but prefer the Oval since they have the red push bars for the kids to skate with.  Emerson is obsessed with hockey so he insists on wearing his jersey every time we skate :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kids say the funniest things. You really never know what is going to come out of their mouths and most of the time it catches you off guard.  Travis has a great sense of humour, you don't see it until you get passed his reserved front but after you'll get lots of laughs with him.  Alyssa has inherited his wit, and I am so glad! It keeps us laughing a lot around here.

The other day we were driving Travis to work. We passed Queens Park Cemetary- you may remember that on another occasion it started a very heavy and intense conversation about death, dying, aging, afterlife etc. Really that 4yr old has a lot of serious questions. This particular day though Alyssa sees the Cemetary and says "Hey! that's where you go to die!" I explain that when you pass away you are buried in the cemetary. "What do they just cut you up into pieces and put you in a hole?" Alyssa says.   "No" I say "After you die you can chose between getting buried in a really pretty box called a coffin or you can be cremated and your ashes are put in a fancy jar called an urn"  Alyssa replies "Oh, well you certainly wouldn't fit in a jam jar!"
Travis and I got a good laugh. 

Since Aly felt like she was on a roll she made faces and said silly stuff to Emerson beside her in the back so the two of them were in hysterics. Once we all stop giggling Alyssa says "Laughing is funny and tickles your heart"  Serious cuteness. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An afternoon at the park. 

Friday, November 05, 2010

An afternoon at Edworthy Park
After school we headed down to meet up with Joanna, Matthew and Karen.  We stopped off at Avatara pizza and got some gluten free pizza to have a picnic at the park.

The kids just wanted a cheese pizza but I got the Picasso. Chicken, sundried tomatoes, red and green peppers, pine nuts, feta cheese, artichokes- Mmmm!

It was a beautiful day but definately didn't feel like the 17- 20 the forecasters were saying.

Matthew d'Abadie.
If your parents find you missing its because I stole you to cuddle with, or maybe eat you. Because you are just that cute!

Thinking about smiling.

Alyssa was tickling him with a long piece of grass.

There is no trace of baby left in that adorable face.

Click on this photo to enlarge it, Aly's face is awesome!

Finally some great fall leaf pictures.

Alyssa was throwing up leaves and spinning :)

This is one of the reasons fall is my favorite season.

Making a nest of leaves for Emerson to sleep on.
Cutest d'Abadie ever!

In case you're wondering why there aren't many pictures of Alyssa its because she didn't want pictures taken today. The only ones she said it was ok to get of her was in the leaves. The one I did catch of her when she was running by she demanded I delete and wanted to see me do it. I luckily distracted her and she forgot about it.  Good grief, I am in SO much trouble, between her and Emerson I may have to get heavily medicated when they enter the teen years.