Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thanksgiving long weekend Uncle Al and Auntie Gina were in town.  On friday afternoon we met up with them and Joanna and Matthew at the zoo.
This was so cool! This python is HUGE and I have never seen it move before. Today it was moving all up along the glass, the kids loved it.
Reminded me of Harry Potter :)

You hardly catch the hippos out of the water and walking around. Emerson and Alyssa liked being able to see them like this. When they're in the water they're usually on the edge and not that easy to see.
Uncle Al holding Baby Matthew d'Abadie. He's only 3 weeks old here.

Auntie Gina, Uncle Al, Matthew, Emerson and Alyssa in the butterfly garden.  There wasn't very many in there today.

Tiger came over to say hi!

Aly and Emer rolling down the hill.

Mountain Lion out and enjoying the late afternoon sun. We don't see this one very often either. It was a great day to see some animals that we don't usually get a chance to.

Feeding the ducks.

Big Grey Owl winking at us. Pretty cool shot.  We spent over 4hrs at the zoo and didn't leave until closing time. It was a great afternoon and it was made even better by getting to visit with Al, Gina and Joanna.

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