Saturday, October 02, 2010

Last Saturday was Princess and Prince day at the Calgary Zoo.  It was an important day because of the endangerment to frogs, all Princes and Princesses were asked to come and learn about frogs and raise awareness for them.
Alyssa was more than happy to be able to get all dressed up as a Princess to hang out at the zoo but Emerson wouldn't budge. He had to be a dragon. This is his Halloween costume that we picked up last month but he LOVES it and who better than to protect a Princess than a pet Dragon :)
Nana April and I took them down and we had a great morning together.

Aly loved meeting the Stampede Queen and Princesses

Miss Teen Southern Alberta. Aly loved her dress.

We took turns blowing bubbles.

Chasing bubbles.

Catching bubbles.

Playing kiss the frog.

Watching a jousting match

That turned into a sword fight after the Knights had knocked one another from their horse.

And of course learning all about frogs.

We ran into the Mak family and Aly and Olivia are such good buddies. They even were matching in their purple dresses.

Running along together to get icecream. It was free to all the Princesses.

Alyssa being a complete ham.

Olivia hearing the Allosaurus roaring from Dinosaur park.

Carter and Emerson enjoying some icecream. 
Emerson takes the tiniest licks. I had to help him so it didn't melt all over him.

Carter and Liv


Alyssa and Olivia giving Carter a ride. Aly still hamming it up!

Aly's turn.

Time to take the boys for a spin.

Running down the hills, we had to take turns making sure they didn't lose control and run into other people or run over themselves.

LOVE this pic! They are all having so much fun.

Listening to the T-Rex roar!

Alyssa taking a peek at some fossilised dinosaur poop. Ewww!

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