Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween decorations went up right after Thanksgiving. I LOVE Halloween and the kids are really getting into it too.  Alyssa requested that Halloween be spookier this year. 
In the kitchen I took down my scrapbooking pages and filled the frames with Halloween paper. Above the frames says Be Afraid of things that go bump in the night.  There are spider webs everywhere and the picture frames on the piano change when you pass them from people into scary skeletons. 

We put these up in the living room and Alyssa said "Oh Mommy our very own bat cave! Thank-you!" This made me laugh and there's a bit of a story there.  When house hunting Travis and I made notes on the houses we saw and even nic-named a few so we could keep them all straight. When we viewed this house the previous owner was a huge batman fan. There were batman items everywhere so we named this house the Bat Cave. haha.

My tall branches with spider webs and a few black birds.

Travis made the wands from sticks that we picked up in the mountains. He carved them down and stained them with a few coats. 

The kids are fasinated by the trails in the wood left by the bugs.

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