Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A gorgeous day in the mountains. Travis and I took the kids and Achilles out to Banff on the 10th for a couple of little hikes.  First we went to the Hoodoos, we walked along the paved trail and then headed further along a hiking and biking trail for a couple of km.


Alyssa posing. I'm not sure why she chose this but she looks like she's going to start bustin' out some break dancing moves.

Here I am!
Love this pic! We picked up some perfect kid sized walking sticks.

One of my favorite pictures from the day. I'll be printing this in a 5 x7 or an 8 x 10.  Being out here in the mountains rejuvenates my soul.
After around the Hoodoos we went to Johnson Lake.

Aly floated leaves down the stream.

This place is sacred to me. Halfway up on the right hand side is where Travis and I were married 7yrs ago.  Every time I come here I feel that same beautiful and powerful energy.  I smile when i'm here or when I look at a picture of this lovely spot. 

Smiley man Emerson. His eyes are so cool! A green and grey colour with little flecks of brown. Does it get classified as Hazel? I'm not sure, not enough brown I think. Click on the picture to see it larger.

You can not be beside water and not want to throw some rocks in. We could have stayed here for hours.

A pretty little waterfall further down the trail.

Opposite view from the bridge looking down towards where Travis and I were married.
A perfect day with the family.  After our hikes we headed into Banff for dinner at the Magpie and Stump- such good gluten free Mexican inspired food. Then a little walk around town and back home.

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