Saturday, October 02, 2010

Alyssa loves curly hair. Every time we see someone especially a girl around her age with curly hair Aly sighs. Yes, she sighs. "Oh Mommy, isn't her curly hair just beautiful. I just love curly hair. I wish my hair was curly too." One night before bed I was telling her how when I was little I loved  and wished I could have curly hair too and my Grandma Mabel would put pin curls in my hair.  Alyssa begged me to do it and she was almost perfectly still as I put all her hair in big pin curls after her bath.  The next morning it didn't turn out as we had hoped.... she slept on one side of her head most of the night so that side ended up being more flat than the other. She wouldn't let me take a picture because she said it looked too crazy.  I think next time we'll try it with soft rags, i'm going to google it and see what other options might work :)

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