Thursday, September 09, 2010

Alyssa's first day of 4yr old preschool. She's goes MWF in the morning.  We found out that we've been given the option to switch classes into Miss Teresa and Miss Monika from last year. Aly is thrilled to be with them again! She'll start in their class on Friday.

Alyssa decided that pants are ok for playing outside in but she wants to have more skirts and dresses. She wants to be more fancy.  There is a book series we read, i'm sure i've mentioned, called Fancy Nancy. Its about a little girl who likes to make everything fancy from her clothes, accessories and vocabulary.  We had to do some back to school shopping since the kids have gone through a growth spurt, Aly got this dress and these sparkly pink light up shoes, a couple skirts and warm tights for the fall weather.

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