Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sorry no pictures today, just a couple of cute stories about Emerson before I forget them. Both happened earlier today.

After lunch I let the kids have some jellybeans. Emerson always eats his quickly and asks for more which he usually doesn't get. Alyssa eats hers slowly and I'm beginning to think she might do this because she knows her brother eats them fast and she can torment him with the fact she still has some.  But today after I tell him he can't eat anymore Alyssa offers to share some of her remaining jellybeans. She hands over a couple to Emerson. He says "Thanks Aly but I want ALL your jellybeans!"  Haha. Nice try Emer.

Alyssa back in ballet and her first class was tonight. Emerson came with us since Travis wasn't home from work yet.  When class was almost out I said to Emerson "Come on buddy, Aly's class is done in 5 min lets get our shoes on so we're ready to go"  all Emer hears is "lets get our shoes on and go" I know this because he bursts into tears. Huge sobbing tears roll down his face, and he wails "We can't go without Alyssa, we have to wait for Aly, Mommy don't leave without my Aly" It was so sweet and I started to tear up and laugh. How nice that he loves his sister so much, and how silly that he thinks I would go without her. I gave him big hugs, promised we were not leaving without her. 

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Alyssa's first day of 4yr old preschool. She's goes MWF in the morning.  We found out that we've been given the option to switch classes into Miss Teresa and Miss Monika from last year. Aly is thrilled to be with them again! She'll start in their class on Friday.

Alyssa decided that pants are ok for playing outside in but she wants to have more skirts and dresses. She wants to be more fancy.  There is a book series we read, i'm sure i've mentioned, called Fancy Nancy. Its about a little girl who likes to make everything fancy from her clothes, accessories and vocabulary.  We had to do some back to school shopping since the kids have gone through a growth spurt, Aly got this dress and these sparkly pink light up shoes, a couple skirts and warm tights for the fall weather.
Auntie Becca took Alyssa and Emerson to pet some of the other horses.
Feeding the rainbow trout in the pond.
There are a lot of big rainbow trout in the pond!
Nana first heard the bat and we got closer to check it out.
The last ride with Auntie Becca before she moves to Olds College to start her Equine Science program.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Emerson had a reaction to what we think was a bug bite of some kind. His right ear swole up, was red and so puffy. It didn't bother him at all and he was in good spirits all day. I had him assessed by Healthlink and they figured he didn't need to be seen even though we have no idea what he reacted to. Emer also had a terrible bum rash on the left cheek. Weird. But at least it wasn't serious, it didn't slow him down and it was back to normal by the end of the next day.
New Hair Cut!
I needed a change for my hair. Its been long for so long and I've become lazy and throw it in a pony tail because its the easy morning go to.  Since i'm going to be 30 at the end of October I felt I needed a more grown up and sophisticated look. Its not a wash and go cut but i'm ok with that for right now.

Travis was competing in the Pan American Championships for karate in Guyana during August. These are some pictures he took of the country and pictures from our friends from the competition.