Sunday, August 15, 2010

We got some geocaching time in while in Canmore. We went out 2 different evenings after dinner and did 3 caches. There are still a few that we didn't get to along the river, one day we'll make trip out for the day to get those caches.
Aly traded for a hair clip and a twoonie. Emerson didn't like anything in the cach so he opted to take one of the toys in our bag of trades. He chose a horse, it happens all the time with him. haha.
We left a notebook with crayons and some silly banz.  They're elastic type bands that you can wear as bracelets and when you take them off they are in shapes of animals, dinosaurs, objects etc. This bag had an elephant, hippo, ostrich and giraffe.
The Three Sisters.
This evening we saw almost a dozen larger rabbits running along the path. We even spotted a big one that was dark grey with white front paws just like our favorite baby bunny.
The caches we found were along the river under trees and hidden among the rocks. Great hiding spots and tricky sometimes.
Beautiful sunset.

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