Monday, July 26, 2010

We've been Geocaching for a few weeks now and having a lot of fun!
Geocache ammo can.  We've also found many containers that are tupperwear type boxes covered in camo tape and even a small fake rock.  Most geocaches are large enough to contain items to swap.  We've swapped for stickers, little kid toys, pennies from the 1940's, tumbled rocks, and kleenex. The last one was when we were walking along the pond and I started to have an allergic reaction to something and my nose would not stop running, so image how happy I was to find a small package of tissues :)
I took this picture of us at our first geocache of the evening, the ammo can was hidden between a fence and a huge bush with trees. We had to crouch down to get throught the bushes and its one of our favorite finds. 
What I love most about geocaching is the new places that we discover. Places to walk and explore that we didn't know about before. We're really looking forward to going out to the mountains to do some 'caching.

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