Saturday, July 17, 2010

Waiting for the C-train to take downtown and then to the Stampede grounds.
Alyssa loves the big rides in the kid's section.
Alyssa told me that she wanted to go on this ride only with Daddy because "it'll be more fun with him"
The Corn Dog, a favorite Stampede food of mine. Aly's had her first one last month at the Cinderella play and this was Emerson's first. He couldn't believe there was a hot dog inside, haha.
Grandpa Jack and Aly.
Emerson and I.
Emerson wanted to go on almost every ride but these bigger ones still scared him a bit.
Nana and Aly had a blast and laughed the entire time.
Waiting for the Superdogs.  We have some complaints about the venue and seating, line waiting etc. The kids did as well as can be expected.
The views from the kid's ferris wheel.
Travis, Emerson, Auntie Becca and Alyssa rode the caterpillar coaster.
Alyssa had to go again on the drop ride :)

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