Wednesday, July 07, 2010

As part of Alyssa's Birthday present Grandma and Grandpa took Aly to Stage West for their kid production of Cinderella. The 1970s version. We had a great time! Alyssa loved all the food, she discovered corndogs which she likes as much as Grandpa and I. She loved watching the play with all the music and dancing.  After the show Aly waited in line to get autographs from all the cast but she only wanted pictures with Prince, Cindy and The Disco Queen (Prince's mother)
Grandpa Bob, Alyssa and Grandma Karen
Prince, Cindy and Aly
The Disco Queen and Aly

LOL! how funny is the look on her face!  Alyssa could hardly believe that she got to sample so many different kinds of dessert.

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