Monday, June 21, 2010

While Travis and I were away Nana, Papa and Auntie Becca teamed up to look after Alyssa and Emerson.  Papa Jack likes to call them the tornados :)  They had so much fun! Nana stayed with them all the time, Papa came over to play and cook meals and Auntie came to read stories, go to out riding with the horses and to Calaway Park. They also went to the zoo, park and up to Nana and Papa's place to play soccer in the huge backyard.  These are just a few of my favorite pics that Nana took over the week.
Aly had pajama day at preschool and this is her with her teacher Miss Monika.  I have a nice picture too but this one was so funny and very Aly and her personality right now.
Auntie Becca read 8 stories one night. Aly was in heaven, Emerson couldn't keep up and crashed.
Cousin Harry, Emer and Aly at the zoo.

Watching cartoons and eating cereal in the morning.

Giving the ball a great big kick. I love this shot! Amazing balance kids have.

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