Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On the holiday Monday Travis and I took the train up to Quebec City. It was only 3hrs and had comfy seats. The scenery was beautiful, lots of farms but also a lot of rivers, streams, lakes etc.

Monday, June 21, 2010

While Travis and I were away Nana, Papa and Auntie Becca teamed up to look after Alyssa and Emerson.  Papa Jack likes to call them the tornados :)  They had so much fun! Nana stayed with them all the time, Papa came over to play and cook meals and Auntie came to read stories, go to out riding with the horses and to Calaway Park. They also went to the zoo, park and up to Nana and Papa's place to play soccer in the huge backyard.  These are just a few of my favorite pics that Nana took over the week.
Aly had pajama day at preschool and this is her with her teacher Miss Monika.  I have a nice picture too but this one was so funny and very Aly and her personality right now.
Auntie Becca read 8 stories one night. Aly was in heaven, Emerson couldn't keep up and crashed.
Cousin Harry, Emer and Aly at the zoo.

Watching cartoons and eating cereal in the morning.

Giving the ball a great big kick. I love this shot! Amazing balance kids have.

Sunday we spent touring around Old Montreal. First was Notre Dame Cathedral.  The architect who designed it loved his design so much he converted to Catholisism so he could be buried underneath it.
Its very beautiful inside and I thought it was very cool that the stain glass windows do not depict scenes from the Bible rather the religious history of Montreal City.

After the Cathedral we walked down what use to be the Wall Street of Montreal. The majority of these buildings are now private residences and upscale boutique hotels.
Travis just had to have a picture of the Ferrari on the street.

This was part of the warehouse district.  Close to the river the main level was a store front and the upper floors were storage for the goods being sold and shipped away. 
I like how you can see the changes in the designs on each building as the years went by.  I loved Old Montreal because there is so much character in the buildings. Everything was made carefully, thoughfully and is full of beauty, not only to function. The history and architecture is incredible!
The last original French home in Old Montreal.  All the other buildings were of English influence.  Because of all the fires and the inability to fight them effectively it became manditory that all homes built inside the city were stone.  Also due to the overwhelming amounts of snow that can fall over the course of the winter houses and building have flat roofs that slope towards the middle with a pipe in the middle to help deal with snowfall and the run off.
The original customs house.
The first hospital of Montreal. Once they relocated they rented the space to pay for the construction of the new hospital.  Now these are some of the trendiest and most expensive apartments to own in Old Montreal.
Bonsecour market which is filled with shops full of unique items by Quebecois artists.

Our tourguide Luciana was fantastic! She was full of great information, and let us ask lots of questions.
That evening we took the Metro up to Mont Royal.
Stephanie and Robert

Dinner at Wakamono. Really yummy asian food, Travis says the sushi was good. I loved that all through the city the majority of restaurants have floor to ceiling windows that open right up. 
Walking through the park at night was beautiful. This city does not sleep, the restaurants and coffee places are open 24hrs and people are always out walking everywhere.  We didn't go to any clubs but I can imagine that they have no last call and close up when the sun rises.