Friday, May 28, 2010

        At the beginning of May we got together to celebrate the birthdays in April and May. 
Uncle Chad- April 19th, Nana April- April 23rd, Cousin Harry- May 9th and Alyssa- May 21st.

I have to bribe Aly into taking nice pictures by promising she can be silly in one too. Auntie Kim suggested we get a picture of Gene Simmons from Kiss to put beside her because her tongue looks the same. I have to say I agree, maybe that can be her Halloween costume this year. HAHA!

I love this family picture!
Its the first really good one since we were all in Antigua together and the kids have grown so much since then.
Nana, Me, Aly, Auntie Becca
Monkey bars! That's what Emerson and Alyssa call anything that they can hang off of, tree branches our arms :)

The cousins- Harry, Emerson and Alyssa
Travis, Chad, Melissa, April, Nick, Kim
Emerson, Harry, Michelle, Alyssa, Becca
Daddy and Aly wearing her new horsey rain coat.
Emerson helped Alyssa and Harry blow out their candles.
Uncle Peter asked Aly how big of a piece she wanted...
"This Big!"
Emers practicing his wheelbarrow.
Uncle Nick and Auntie Kim
Auntie Melissa and Uncle Chad
Nick, Chad and Uncle Peter
Rebecca and I

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